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Our location has an interesting historical connection with the challenges which arise from realising successful changes in technology, ways of working, and skills, and how this has a direct effect on the people involved.


Dever Valley - river, meadow and woodland The Dever Valley is formed by a small tributary of the River Test which cuts through the chalk down land 10 miles north of Winchester, the county town of Hampshire, England.

The area has a wonderful charm with the rural, unspoilt character of the river valley combining rivers, meadows and woodland to provide a rich habitat for a range of animals, plants and trees, and a pleasant environment for many small communities.


Swing Riots - a contemporary engraving In the 1830s, with changes in working methods affecting social conditions, the Dever Valley was a source of radical thinking and measures to raise awareness and bring about improvements.

The measures included a reasoned approach of dialog and petition combined with direct action involving threat, violence and arson in a series of disturbances known as the Swing Riots.

The initial consequences of the disturbances were difficult for all involved, with some participants being jailed, transported or hanged.

The changes which followed addressed many of the basic social and work related issues, and eventually delivered longer term benefits for those involved and for the wider population.

Present day

Today we try to avoid the threat, violence, and arson - and all other crimes. But we still aim to address social, work, and business issues with a combination of techniques to bring innovation and improvement to our clients.


Business importance

"Outsourcing remains one of the most important business tools and trends of the decade"

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