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Making services successful

Having the right outsourcing arrangement can enable your business to achieve your goals for growth, increased services, reduced cost, reduced risk, and tighter control. But getting that arrangement can be nightmare - there are plenty of examples of high profile failures.

Getting the right balance

Dever Valley Consulting can help you to get the right balance between insourcing and outsourcing which will achieve your business goals, managing the complex dependencies between scope, structure, relationships, commercial terms, controls, costs, risks, quality and value.

Advice and assistance throughout

We can help you to define and build your sourcing strategy, choose the right arrangements, achieve the transition to an effective solution, and then operate the process to deliver your business value. But it doesn't stop there. We can also provide ongoing support to ensure that the services, the contract, and the relationships stay alive, able to respond to changes in your business, and so to continue being effective.

Services based on experience

Please read about our how our services - underpinned by breadth of practical experience and our structured approach which we can use across all business sectors, processes, and functions - can help you at every stage of the process.

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Business importance

"Outsourcing remains one of the most important business tools and trends of the decade"

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