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Making services successful

Our services are focussed on providing a combination of expert advice and hands on support to help businesses get the best from their service arrangements - whether using their own internal resources or an outsourced supplier.

In summary, we address two key areas:

Strength in sourcing

Much of our recent work has been focussed on effective sourcing arrangements for business services - covering a whole spectrum of issues, from defining a sourcing strategy, through making internal improvements, engaging external suppliers, and into delivering operational support.

From our experience of working on dozens of assignments across a wide range of industry sectors, we have distilled the key elements which contribute to achieving practical results, and these form the core of our generic service propositions.

A particular strength is in defining and arranging outsourcing for IT infrastructure services.

Unique problems need unique services

However, each business situation is different, and there are no standard answers. Accordingly, when we work on assignments we typically include elements drawn from different services, combined with other aspects of knowledge and practical experience.

Flexible delivery

Our working style is flexible, and we are able to work at all levels of an organisation - from board room to shop floor - and to operate in a variety of roles - including process expert, quality assurance, team member, programme manager, and interim manager.

We work directly with our own clients or as subcontractors to other consultancy organisations who have requested our specialist expertise to complement their own resources.

Life cycle support

Since we aim for long term relationships with our clients, we do not deliver a set of recommendations and then walk away. Our preference is to be involved throughout the life cycle of a project: from analysing the issues, through defining the solution, and into delivering the results.

Service highlights

Read more about our key service areas:

Service portfolio

Our overall service portfolio includes a wider range of services:


Business importance

"Outsourcing remains one of the most important business tools and trends of the decade"

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