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Improving business services

Our work typically addresses two key areas to improve overall performance:

Our approach to service improvement covers a wide range of areas: business alignment and service governance, service requirements, service management, contract renegotiation, contract management, measurement and control, roles and responsibilities, service delivery, programme management.

Within these areas we will improve services in a number of ways:

Our technique for improvement aims to make best use of knowledge and skills within the client's organisation, enhancing this with the insight and understanding we have gained from experience, and so to deliver solutions which are both practical and innovative.

Sample experience

Government department - Cooperation strategy

Client situation

Two central government departments looking for opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality by identifying ways to collaboration in the provision of ICT services.

Involvement and value

Andy led the review of ICT services, working alongside other team members reviewing governance and commercial aspects. Despite wide differences in current sourcing arrangements (one outsourced, one internal) and tight constraints on the departments' resourcing and funding, the project identified ways in which governance, organisation, and services could be restructured to meet the overall objectives, and defined a phased implementation approach to realise the improvements over a three year period.

Financial services group - Process transformation

Client situation

UK financial services group undergoing a massive transformation programme to define, develop and embed new business processes throughout the business. The group was receiving extensive support from a blue-chip consultancy firm to deliver the programme.

Involvement and value

Working closely with the Group Director, Andy managed a combined team of consultants and client staff in the Group Compliance department, introducing revised processes, systems, procedures, skills and training to address regulatory compliance across head office and field based functions. As a result of this work the group established a strong compliance department, and was able to demonstrate to the business and the regulatory authorities a commitment to effective compliance monitoring throughout its operation.


Business importance

"Outsourcing remains one of the most important business tools and trends of the decade"

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